Why we need Professional Home Inspection in Jacksonville FL


Purchasing property in Florida comes with unique considerations buyers should account for. Home inspectors with local Jacksonville expertise provide critical insights you simply cannot gather from a casual walkthrough when house hunting. Professional inspections ensure buyers in Jacksonville make fully informed decisions about a home’s condition and avoid unwelcome surprises after closing.

Pinpoint Moisture Intrusion Risks

Due to the humid, wet climate of North Florida, moisture intrusion and resultant mold growth are common issues inspectors diligently check for. They identify signs of water infiltration in foundations, attics, windows and roofing that foster mold. Catching moisture concerns early is key in Jacksonville’s humid environment.

Assess Hurricane Resistance

Inspectors examine hurricane preparedness features to ensure the home meets wind load resistance standards and has storm shutters or impact-resistant windows. Proper hurricane clips, ties and roof bracing are checked. Hurricane risks are top of mind for Jacksonville buyers.

Evaluate Flood Risk

Flooding poses another Jacksonville hazard. Inspectors check a home’s flood zone status and elevation to determine vulnerability. Drainage issues on the property that could lead to flooding are identified. Recommendations for flood insurance coverage needs follow.

Analyze Sinking and Settlement

North Florida’s sandy soils mean sinking and settling issues must be checked. Inspectors look for cracks in foundations, driveways, pavers and interior floors that signal shifting. Levels may be checked around doors or cabinets. Soil grading and drainage issues leading to settling are assessed. Read more

Check Plumbing and Irrigation Systems

Jacksonville’s humid climate means plumbing and irrigation systems require extra diligence to avoid leaks leading to mold and water damage. Inspectors ensure pipes are adequately maintained and supply proper water pressure. Irrigation systems are checked for leaks and appropriate coverage.

Scan for Termites and Wood-Boring Pests

Subterranean termites pose major threats to Jacksonville homes. Inspectors check for tunnels, mud tubes and wood damage signaling termites. Other wood-destroying organisms common in Florida like powderpost beetles are scanned for. Pest infestations can undermine a home’s structure.

Evaluate Age of Roof and HVAC Systems

Florida’s blazing sun and oppressive heat accelerate wear on exterior roofing and HVAC equipment. Inspectors pay special attention to systems near or exceeding average life expectancy in Florida conditions. Older systems may warrant replacement sooner rather than later.

Check Pool/Spa Systems

Pools and spas are common Jacksonville home features. Inspectors examine water circulation pumps, motors, filters, drainage and chemical treatment systems to spot potential issues to help prevent major repairs down the road.

Why Trust an FABI Certified Inspector?

Florida law requires home inspectors hold a license from the state. Additionally, consider inspectors certified through the Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI). The FABI certification denotes advanced, accredited training on analyzing home systems unique to Florida homes. Their rigorous standards ensure comprehensive inspections by qualified professionals.

Look for Members of the NE Florida Association of Real Estate Inspectors

The NE Florida Association of Real Estate Inspectors represents inspectors from Jacksonville and surrounding areas focused on promoting the highest professional standards. Member inspectors pursue continuing education on staying current with codes, technology and inspection practices. Membership indicates a dedication to quality.

Know What to Expect in the Inspection Report

A comprehensive Home Inspection Jacksonville FL report generally includes evaluation of:

  • Structure – foundation, framing, evidence of settling
  • Exterior – siding, paint, trim, windows, doors, drainage
  • Roof – shingles/tiles, flashing, leaks, vents, hurricane preparedness
  • Electrical – panel, wiring, outlets, GFCI protection
  • Plumbing – pipes, water pressure, drainage, water heater
  • HVAC – condition of systems, thermostats, ducts
  • Insulation – present, adequacy for Florida climate
  • Ventilation – kitchens, baths, crawl spaces, attics
  • Garage – walls, ceilings, doors, openers, fire separation
  • Interiors – walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, built-ins
  • Plus much more detail!

Partnering with professional, licensed Jacksonville inspectors ensures homebuyers have the best information possible when evaluating one of the biggest purchases of their lives. Local expertise provides peace of mind you are making an informed decision. Learn more


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