Tourmaline jewellery – onw of the popular stones of today’s era

One of the most miraculous gemstones in channelizing the flow of energy of the body to activate the heart chakra, tourmaline jewelry (also known as Verdelite) is naturally blessed with astonishing healing properties that could steer a person towards his transformational journey.

A crystallite silicate mineral comes from the group of aluminum borosilicate. To expand its solidness and strength, it is blended in with iron and magnesium. The extent is essentially affected by the carat weight and size of the tourmaline jewelry.

  • It has lots of beautiful properties as well.
  • It helps you to fight against the odds of your life . Helps to raise your self esteem and built confidence.
  • It helps you to grow the sprituality in yourself .

Also, it heals your from inside while keeping you around the positive aura.

Let’s discuss the more properties of the tourmaline jewelry.

Properties of Tourmaline jewelry

  1. Unique and Raging Hues

The most driving factor that influences jewelry lovers to go for tourmaline jewelry is its plethora of beautiful and alluring designs that come in various hues ranging from Pink, green, blue, yellowish, etc.

Some high-quality specimens have a highly sizzling black color that is often prized to be the most precious and cheerful design of tourmaline jewelry. These rich and raging hues, besides adding a touch of unparalleled elegance and vibrance, also add a touch of charm to the personality of the wearer.

  1. Divine Healing Properties

Besides those alluring designs and cheerful hues, tourmaline jewelry is also treasured for its highly magical and miraculous healing properties. From purifying the soul to enlightening the person, these healing properties are able to bring back the life of the wearer to the track. Unlike other jewels like opal and turquoise, different specimens of tourmaline have different healing properties.

For instance, if you think that your love life has taken a toll and you are emotionally devoid, then consider putting on that pink tourmaline pendant or tourmaline necklace. Or if you feel the need to attract abundance of success in your life, then it’s the perfect time to put on that green tourmaline ring. In a nutshell, adorning yourself with tourmaline jewelry works for the betterment and well-being of the wearer.

  1. Protection Against Negative Energies

In this world full of negativities and evil powers, if you want to purify your soul to let it drive on the path of spirituality, then simply adorn yourself with tourmaline jewelry that will clean your soul and heart from the chore.

Often used as a protective stone, the grounding and positivity energies emanating out of the tourmaline crystal are capable of shielding the body against all sorts of negativities lingering in the environment.

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Besides, it also shields the body against the harmful electromagnetic radiation emanating out of electric devices. It also helps in fostering a balance between various energies.

  1. Durability and Hardness

In terms of hardness, tourmaline ranges from 7 to 7.5. It is thought to be Fairly tough. Tourmaline is generally resistant to light and unaffected by chemical exposure, however heat can harm it. Because tourmaline is a tough stone, it can be worn frequently. On the Mohs scale, it has a good hardness grade, making it less prone to scratch or chip than softer gemstones. With the right maintenance, tourmaline jewellery can be worn for many years thanks to its durability.

  1. Health Benefits of Tourmaline Jewelry

Besides being a spiritual stone, tourmaline jewelry is also capable of improving the overall health of the body. For instance, tourmaline has proved to be quite effective in improving the digestive system as well as leading to an intact gut health. Apart from this, the energy emanating out of tourmaline jewelry can also benefit the functioning of the nervous system and the Immune system as a whole. And if regular and frequent fatigue is taking a toll upon your productivity and performance. Then start wearing a tourmaline to overcome that exceedingly tiredness and lethargy.

Wrapping up..

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