The way PTE candidates can avoid common mistake

PTE is the testing system that evaluates candidates’ english proficiency. It is the alternative source of the IELTS test. It is similar to the IELTS testing system to some extent. As in the PTE test candidates are also tested on their english reading, speaking, writing, and listening ability.  To ace the PTE section candidates follow various strategies. Such as joining a coaching center and attending online classes.  Apart from this, they also rely on the internet in order to go through exam patterns. Also, they learn various tips and tricks from the internet to ace the exam. If you want to appear in the PTE test and looking for the best PTE Institute in Ludhiana that help you in your exam preparations. Then, you should join the IBT Institute.  

Candidates do various things to ace the exam. However, sometimes due to a single mistake, candidates have to face failure in the PTE test. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some common mistakes that candidates make during the PTE test. Moreover, we will also articulate how these mistakes can be avoided by candidates. 

Let’s read about the way PTE candidates should avoid some common mistakes. 

Reading: reordering paragraphs  

In this section, candidates have to rearrange the paragraph. They have to 

drag some sentences from one panel and display them in proper order in another panel. It evaluates how effectively a candidate can understand and organize English-language written material. However, most of the candidates fail in this section because they do not pay attention to linking words. 

To ace this section, candidates have proper knowledge about linking words, opening and closing statements, and how to express opinions or instances. 

Listening: summarize a spoken text 

In this section, candidates have to summarize a spoken text.  The purpose of this exercise is to gauge how well candidates can comprehend and paraphrase a lecture’s essential points. During this section candidates are tested on their writing skills as well as how well they summarize the main ideas from the lecture. However, most of the candidates just replicate the audio. 

To ace this section, candidates must paraphrase as much of the listening material as they can in order to receive a high score.

Speaking: describe an image 

In this section, candidates are required to describe a picture as part of one of the PTE Speaking tasks. The purpose of this activity is to measure how well students can articulate what they observe in a graph, chart, map, table, or other visual representation.   The most common mistake candidates make is memorizing a response to a picture they have seen during exam preparation.

To ace this section candidates have to practice more and more images. Moreover, they should record their own voice while performing this task. Additionally, you can improve the area you need to work.  

Writing: writing an essay   

In the test, there are two PTE writing tasks to finish. One of these assesses the candidates’ essay-writing skills by having them create a brief, persuasive, or argumentative composition. A short writing prompt is given to a candidate and asks them to agree or disagree, state their opinion, or comment on a situation. They have to write 200-300 words in just 20 minutes. However, the most common mistake candidates make is to not follow word count. 

To ace this section, candidates have to practice writing under the time limit

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Wrapping up

To sum it up, during the PTE test candidates make some common mistakes in each section. However, if you are also preparing for the PTE test. You should read the above-mentioned tips carefully. So, you can avoid making all these mistakes. 

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