Subscribe to other Instagram accounts.

To get more followers on Instagram, you can also subscribe to other Instagram accounts!

The end of follow/unfollow, bad idea?

One of the most common practices would be to follow as many accounts as possible, then unfollow once they follow your Instagram account in return.

This method can be effective, but it could be a better idea.

Yes, many people will subscribe to your account but quickly unsubscribe when they see that you have done so. And that could be better for your reputation.

In addition, you need to keep a good ratio between the number of people who follow you and the number of people you follow. Unless you are Beyoncé, this can discredit your Instagram account.

Subscribe to target accounts for visibility exchanges

It is still interesting to subscribe to Instagram accounts if they are targeted.

This will allow targeted accounts to gain visibility, as well as yours.

Your exchange with accounts who have the same interests as you and who will, therefore, remain subscribed. Nice no!

Organize competitions on Instagram

If you want more followers on Instagram, competitions are a great way!

Showcase a significant gift.

First, you have to put forward a significant gift to have many participants.

A trip, a camera, a smartphone, etc. It has to be big!

The gift is the reason for participating in a competition. Its choice is essential. The more extensive and exciting the giveaway, the more participants you will have and, therefore, more people on your Instagram account click here.

Request re-sharing and subscription for participation.

Now, you need to set up the rules for your Instagram competition.

Here, too, you need to think about the conditions of participation that will benefit you the most. For example, you can request a subscription to your Instagram account and a re-share of your publication!

You gain visibility, and more and more people participate in your competition.

Be careful not to lose your new Instagram subscribers

Be careful, however, with competitions.

When the winner is announced, those who followed you may unsubscribe.

Since they must remain subscribed to your Instagram account for the competition, take advantage of this moment to introduce them to your business and create a bond with them!

Thus, they go from simple participants in a competition to real subscribers!

Use your in-store traffic of satisfied customers to gain followers

If you have a point of sale, use the traffic from your happy customers in-store to have more subscribers.

Request an Instagram follow after visiting the store

When you are in contact with your customers in-store, you have the opportunity to see if they are satisfied or not.

If they are, nothing stops you from asking them to follow you on Instagram!

This interaction, which costs you nothing, can bring you a lot! And it will show your customers that you care about having contact with them.

Gain Instagram followers with a simple QR code.

If you are shy or uncomfortable asking orally, you can set up a QR code!

The idea? Your customers scan the QR code and visit your Instagram account to subscribe.

They are not incentivized to do it, so try to encourage them!

Boost your customer engagement with the Kadow Club solution

If you like the idea of ​​the QR code, you will love the Kadow Club solution!

A QR code on a beautiful poster encourages your customers to scan the QR code.

By scanning this QR code, they come across a game with an Instagram subscription as a condition of participation! And to motivate your most reluctant customers, a gift to be collected during the following visit subject to consumption.

With all its elements, you will see your number of subscribers increase.

Use your website traffic to get more Instagram followers

If you have a website, use it to have more Instagram subscribers!

Push a promotion in exchange for an Instagram follow

If you’re used to promotions, why not do one for your Instagram followers?

This technique is a winner for your website and your Instagram account.

You have more Instagram followers because everyone wants to benefit from your promotion and your sales increase!

Push a free offer in exchange for a new Instagram subscription

You can also offer a free offer for any new Instagram subscription.

This is a good initiative for your customers who don’t follow you because they don’t see any use in it or for people who have always hesitated to buy your products and follow you from afar.

More subscribers and a better reputation are guaranteed!

Send newsletters to your customers, asking them to follow you on Instagram

Also, you can send newsletters to your customers to request an Instagram subscription.

Whether after a purchase or an exchange, take advantage of this moment to request an Instagram subscription to keep in touch!

Use the Kadow Club solution to get new Instagram subscribers

There is also a long-term solution to have more Instagram subscribers: the Kadow Club solution.

Find out how Kadow Club works to meet your business challenges!

How does the Kadow Club solution work?

Kadow Club is THE solution that allows you to have new Instagram subscribers regularly.

How? Thanks to game-based incentive mechanisms. Communication supports are positioned in the establishment in full view of customers, calling for them to scan the QR code to win a gift.

At this moment, everyone who scans the QR code discovers they can try to win a gift on one condition: subscribe to your Instagram account.

Your customers, therefore, carry out this non-involving and non-constraining action.

Each customer with access to communication media is, therefore, likely to subscribe to your Instagram account, which ensures new opinions regularly!

Why use the Kadow Club solution to boost your number of Instagram subscribers?

Kadow Club is the ideal solution to boost your number of subscribers on Instagram.

For what? It’s your customers who subscribe to your Instagram account, not strangers. Because they know you and like your establishment, they are likelier to follow you on Instagram!

Can you imagine anyone who enters your establishment subscribing to your Instagram page? It’s a real boost to your number of Instagram subscribers!

Why does the Kadow Club solution allow you to have new Instagram subscribers organically?

Kadow Club also allows you to have new Instagram subscribers organically!

Because Instagram is not Kadow Club’s only field of action. Kadow Club also helps you improve your natural SEO on Google.

But how will this help you get new subscribers? You increase your visibility by landing on the first page of the Google search engine!

More people come across your establishment and your social networks = there is no need to buy subscribers. They go by themselves!

The Kadow Club solution is much more competitive than Instagram advertising for getting new subscribers!

Kadow Club is a very competitive solution.

Unlike expensive Instagram ads to get more subscribers, Kadow Club acts on several fronts.

Instagram followers, Google reviews, app downloads, word of mouth, etc.

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