Recent Developments in the Tourism and Aviation Industries-2023

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the international tourism industry was at its all-time high in terms of revenue generation and global adoption. When we talk about the international tourism industry, it directly depends on the facilitation and operation of the aviation industry. Airlines were also experiencing overwhelming ROI. Some airlines also started to offer free tickets to facilitate and attract tourism-related potential customers. People started to take tourism as a full-time hobby. Dozens of YouTube vloggers broadcast their lives on social media platforms and mold the general perception that you can only travel the world with loads of money. Businesses, brands, and companies started sponsoring full-time international tourists. Airbnb is one example of a business that directly depends on international tourists.  

Market Insights from Tourism and Aviation Industries

In the hustle and bustle of modern work and the mundane rush of unending responsibilities, people have started taking their mental health seriously. They understand the importance of a break from a robotic life and the positive effects of exploring the natural colors. This international trend facilitated the development of a multi-billion-dollar international tourism industry. According to Statista, the pandemic caused the descent of the international tourism sector from USD 2,201.7 billion to USD 1,318 billion. The whole operation of the aviation sector involves communication between bilingual people. Amid the increased trend in the aviation and tourism sectors, the need and requirement for an aviation translation company is a prerequisite. 

However, in the post-pandemic world, just like every other sector, things are now rearranging in the tourism sector too. In 2023, the market size of the international tourism sector is now booming at USD 2,285.6 billion and is expected to increase in the coming years. 

Furthermore, according to the report of, the tourism industry facilitated almost 6.7 million jobs in the airline and aviation industries. This includes the increasingly growing services of an aviation translation company. The more any industry gets closer to international adoption/globalization, the more important the role of LSP becomes. Let’s briefly discuss the recent developments in the co-dependent sectors of tourism and aviation industries. 

Aviation Developments in the Middle Eastern Nations

The market report of Statista tells us that the market share of Middle Eastern aviation and tourism industries is USD 62.5 billion and USD 262 billion increasing continuously. In the past decade, the Middle East has emerged as a key player in hosting international businesses, and flights. Moreover, it also established its importance as the most desired attraction for leisure and fun activities. Key factors are its strategic location, regional peace, and the clear vision of local leaders toward technological advancements and adoption. Furthermore, the role of an aviation translation company becomes more defining when both the tourism and aviation departments are booming. 

We have compiled a list of key points and forecasts( from Boeing Commercial Market Outlook for 2022-2041). Explaining the recent developments and future trends of the aviation industry of the Middle East.

  • As per estimates, the Middle Eastern airlines will see a 2.4x increase in air traffic.
  • The fleet capabilities of Middle Eastern Airlines will be doubled over the next two decades.

Tourist-Friendly Initiatives of the Qatar Government 

The officials of the Qatar government initiated many projects before the 2022 FIFA  World Cup. Despite many delays, the pandemic, and the resistance of the Western media, the successful event was held in 2022. Like any other country that wants to become the best tourism spot, Qatar has launched its app and website in multiple languages. Experts are suggesting that this initiative will be groundbreaking for international tourists and visitors. 

When we talk about hosting guests from diverse linguistic backgrounds, the essential role of professional tourism translation services is highly relevant. Leading countries, businesses, and brands are actively acquiring the localization services of top-notch language service providers. 

Aviation Expansion of KSA

Saudi Arabia is also a key player in the Middle Eastern tourism industry. It hosts the biggest Muslim congregation. Furthermore, the vision of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman is to turn the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into the prodigal heaven of the desert. There has been substantial expansion of the major airports going on. Moreover, multiple multi-billion USD projects are in progress. For the seamless execution and the ideal propagation of the MBS’s vision, the services of professional tourism translation services were a prerequisite. These LSPs can translate multimedia content into all the major languages, especially in the lingua franca of the internet.  

Japan Started Automated Translation Systems for Tourists

Japan has one of the most crowded stations and cities in the world. Furthermore, Japan has been one of the most desired tourist attractions for decades. In June 2023, more than 2 million visitors from all around the world came to Japan.  In July 2023, Japan announced that it is testing an automated voice system that supports more than 11 languages. People, even older tourists liked the system and appreciated the quality of the translations.


The post-pandemic world is returning to the normalities of life. Moreover,  tourism and aviation businesses are recovering from the plummet. Stats indicated the spiked growth trend of these two industries for the coming years. People are returning from the hustle and bustle to the mountainous fascination of working from their dream destinations. All the credit goes to the tourism-friendly countries and the facilitation of the aviation industry.

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