How to Select the Top Montessori School in Dubai?

There is a rise in the percentage of parents who prefer Montessori learning for their children. They no longer want to enroll their child in a traditional educational program where they will not get the much-needed exposure! That is why every parent looks for the best Montessori school right from the nursery level to give the right direction to their child’s educational journey. 

If you are also a parent or tired of exploring the schools in Dubai 2024, we are here to help! We understand that countless options for a Montessori school in this city can confuse a lot. You wouldn’t know which one to choose as every school claims to be the best. So we have listed the tips you can follow to narrow the choices and finalize the best Dubai Montessori school in 2024. It will help you narrow the options and make a fruitful decision.

Tips for selecting the top Montessori school in Dubai

Infrastructure and Amenities

As you have already selected the curriculum, school infrastructure is the next significant thing to check. Check the school website carefully to know about the amenities and infrastructural facilities they offer. For example, there should be a dedicated play area, well-equipped libraries, and everything your child would need for better growth. Furthermore, you should also ensure that the school takes care of the security factor and keeps your child safe. 

Staff Qualification and Expertise

Verify the qualification and expertise level of the staff to rest assured that your child is under the best supervision. You will find this information on the school website. If it is not there, you can directly ask the school authorities about this. Ask about their expertise and how often they get trained by the school to deliver the best results. Understand that only qualified professionals know how to handle children, especially when they are young. So, never compromise with the staff qualification and expertise. 

Vision or Teaching Approach

The teaching approach or the vision with which the school works is also significant to check. It is advisable to go with a school that believes in the holistic development of a child. See if they provide enough opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities and organize the activities for a better conceptual understanding. Choosing a school with a child-centric approach is vital and motivates children to follow their dreams and try whatever field of learning they want. 

Skill Building

The world is getting competitive with each passing day. So, if you want your child to adapt well to the change and excel in life, you need to focus on skill-building. Hence, it would help if you finalized a school that emphasizes infusing life-saving skills into children. Moreover, the school should also stress making children independent and teach them time management, the activities that help them throughout their life. 

Considering these factors and using them as constraints, you can conveniently narrow the options and finalize the best CBSE school in Dubai. Make sure you do not skimp on the research part and explore multiple options to make a wise decision. Moreover, once you have two or three options in mind, plan a personal visit to the school and trust your instincts while making the final decision.

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