How to Remove Car Floor Stain

If you’re like the majority, your car is one of your greatest prized possessions, and you take pride in the way it looks. Accidents happen regardless of how well you keep your car maintained, and you might have to deal with carpet stains.

The good news is that you can remove those carpet stains and restore the original appearance of your car by following a few easy steps. There are numerous ways to get those tough stains out of your car. You can either take it to a car wash that offers a cost-effective carpet cleaning service, or you can do it yourself to save money. 

This guide will demonstrate how to remove car floor stains if you decide to do it yourself


You must gather a few materials before diving in. To complete this project, you’ll need:

  • An attachment hose for a vacuum cleaner
  • A brush with firm hairs
  • A tin can
  • Bar soap
  • An untainted, damp cloth
  • A moist towel

Depending on what caused certain stains, additional materials may be needed to remove car floor stains. Take note of any possible specialized cleaners for stains that may be advised below, and make sure you have the aforementioned supplies on hand.


It’s crucial to take off the PVC car mats and vacuum the stain’s location in order to get the carpet ready for cleaning. Any loose dirt or debris that might make stain removal from the carpet more challenging will be helped by doing this. To access confined spaces, if at all possible, use an attachment hose.


You can start pre-treating the stain after vacuuming the area to remove car floor stains.

For this use, there are a variety of carpet shampoos and cleaners available on the market. You can make your own cleaning solution if carpet cleaner is not readily available. Depending on the kind of stain, try one of the following combinations:

Mix one tablespoon of liquid soap for dishes with two cups of hot water to remove protein-based stains (like blood or vomit).

One part vinegar to two parts water should be used to remove tannin stains from things like coffee or tea.

Combine vinegar, club soda, and liquid dish soap in equal parts for older carpet stains that may be more difficult to get rid of.

As soon as your solution is ready, dab the cleaner onto the stain while being careful not to rub it in. Utilizing a spray bottle is another option. By doing so, the stain will be easier to remove and will begin to fade. Prior to moving on to the subsequent step, let it sit for about 10 minutes.


Start scrubbing after the cleaner is given a chance to do its job.

Working the cleaner into the flooring in circular motions while being mindful not to harm the fibres requires a stiff-bristled brush. To get the stain completely out, you might need to exert a little elbow grease. A small amount of baking soda can be added to the mixture to help absorb and remove the stain if it is proving to be difficult to remove.


After scrubbing the stain, it’s crucial to pat the area dry to remove car floor stains properly. To remove as much moisture as you can from the carpet, use a dry towel or cloth.

Make sure to blot the area rather than rub it to prevent the stain from spreading. If you have an ink stain or another water-based stain, this is especially crucial.


Depending on how bad the stain is, you might need to repeat steps three and four several times to completely clean the carpet.

You can try applying a carpet cleaner or vinegar solution and scrubbing once more if the stain is still noticeable after blotting. If the stain is particularly difficult, you might also need to use a stronger cleaner. Continue with patience until

After blotting the stain, if it still shows up, you can try applying carpet cleaner or a vinegar solution and scrubbing once more. Using a stronger cleaner might also be necessary if the stain is particularly difficult to remove. Keep going with patience until the carpet cleans.


After the stain has been eliminated, it is crucial to thoroughly rinse the area with clean water. Any cleaner or substances that might have been left behind will be removed with the help of this.

Before employing your car again, let the affected area completely dry. Opening the windows and doors, as well as using a fan, will help the carpet dry more quickly.


After the area has dried, vacuum the carpet once more to remove any dirt or debris that might have come loose during the cleaning process. Reinstalling the floor mats will allow you to enjoy your car once more after finishing this.


Although removing car floor stains can be a hassle, it is simple to do so with the right cleaning methods and auto accessories. To ensure thorough cleaning, make an investment in high-quality stain removers and tools made specifically for car interiors. Only on Carorbis can you shop right now for the best prices. Maintain a clean, well-maintained appearance for your car by cleaning it frequently and taking good care of the flooring

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