Home Sweet Home: Milwaukee’s Best Home Inspectors for Your Investment

Buying a home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. While it’s exciting to find your dream house, it’s critical to make sure you’re making a sound financial decision by having the property thoroughly inspected before purchase. This is where a professional Best Home Inspectors in Milwaukee WI can make all the difference.

Choosing the right home inspector takes some research. You want someone experienced, detailed, and transparent. I’ve put together this guide on the top home inspection services in Milwaukee to help you find the best fit. A great home inspector will give you peace of mind and help ensure your new property is safe, functional, and a solid investment.

What Does a Home Inspector Do?

Before diving into the top best home inspectors in Milwaukee WI, let’s review what exactly home inspectors do for you as the buyer.

A home inspection gives buyers an objective, unbiased assessment of the physical condition of the home prior to purchase. Inspectors check all aspects of the property—from roof to foundation—to identify existing or potential problems.

The standard home inspector’s report will cover:

  • Structural condition
  • Function of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
  • Overall condition of major systems like HVAC, water heater, and appliances
  • Condition of the roof, attic, walls, floors, windows, doors, basement, crawlspace, and more
  • Safety issues like fire hazards, electrical issues, or risk of carbon monoxide
  • Estimated lifespan of major systems
  • Recommended repairs

Armed with this detailed inspection report, buyers can make an informed decision about the purchase. You may still choose to buy the home if issues are minor. Or you may renegotiate to get sellers to fix or lower the price if problems are substantial. Either way, you’re protected from unwittingly overpaying or buying a potential money pit.

Now let’s look at four of the top home and property inspection services in the Milwaukee area.

Best Home Inspectors in Milwaukee WI

1. America’s Best Choice Home Inspections

America’s Best Choice Home Inspections earns its name with an exemplary reputation and over 15,000 satisfied customers. Their inspectors have over 100 combined years of experience in construction, engineering, and home inspection.

Their inspections are very thorough, averaging 3-4 hours for a typical single-family home. The detailed inspection report includes photo documentation of any issues or concerns.

As a local company serving Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, Ozaukee, Racine, and other nearby counties, their inspectors are intimately familiar with homes in the area. This helps them spot any issues specific to historic Milwaukee homes.

America’s Best Choice has a perfect 5-star rating on Google based on over 230 reviews. Customers repeatedly praise their professionalism, attention to detail, and clear communication. They provide both verbal consultation and a comprehensive written report explaining any issues and how to address them.

They offer reasonably priced inspections starting at $289 for condos up to $379 for larger single-family homes. Additional services are also available for radon testing, mold inspections, and more.

2. Horizon Home Inspections

Family-owned Horizon Home Inspections provides professional home inspections across Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. Owner Rich Bartel has over 25 years of experience in construction and home inspections.

Horizon inspects all aspects of both newly constructed and existing homes. Their inspections check roofing, siding, plumbing, electric, HVAC, appliances, and more. You’ll receive a detailed report with photos outlining any recommended fixes.

One unique service that Horizon offers is free recall checks on major appliances. They’ll research all included appliances in the home sale to see if any have been recalled for safety issues. This provides peace of mind around your family’s safety.

Online reviews consistently praise Horizon for being meticulous, personable, and taking time to thoroughly explain findings. They also note the inspectors’ depth of knowledge and ability to catch issues other inspectors missed.

Inspection rates range from $350 – $500 based on square footage, with discounts for repeat clients. Horizon provides free consultations to give home buyers confidence in their services.

3. A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections

Servicing Milwaukee and surrounding communities for over 25 years, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections employs some of the area’s most experienced inspectors.

Inspections are performed by owner Steve Krawczyk along with two other lead inspectors. Each has over 100 hours of training from the American Society of Home Inspectors. Continuing education ensures their expertise is up-to-date on latest codes and home technologies.

Thorough visual and diagnostic inspections cover all home systems and components. A Buyer’s Choice uses state-of-the-art tools like infrared cameras, moisture meters, and more. Clients appreciate the comprehensive photos documenting any problem areas.

Home buyers can choose from a standard 2-3 hour inspection or a more extensive 5-hour “I’m Buying a Lemon” inspection. Extra attention is given to older homes or those needing extensive repairs.

Prices range from $375 – $500+ depending on home size and extras added. The company also performs radon, mold, and lead testing for an additional fee. Reviews consistently cite their responsiveness, eye for detail, and commitment to equipping buyers to make informed decisions.

4. Honest Home Inspection

As their name suggests, Honest Home Inspection delivers straightforward, impartial evaluations of home conditions. Owner James Knitter has over 15 years of experience in all facets of Milwaukee area real estate.

Their inspectors take the time to thoroughly evaluate all home features from small issues like stuck windows to big-ticket items like the HVAC and roof condition. The detailed inspection report contains an overall condition summary along with an itemized list of any concerns and recommended repairs. Photos document any problem areas.

One advantage of Honest Home Inspection is supportiveness throughout the home buying process. If issues arise during inspection, they consult on the best ways to negotiate with sellers for repairs or credits. They can also provide repair estimates to inform negotiations.

Home buyers compliment the inspectors’ depth of knowledge and ability to explain home systems and conditions in simple terms. While inspections are comprehensive, the focus remains on sizable defects versus small cosmetic issues. Rates are all-inclusive at $349.

What to Look for in a Home Inspector

Now that you know the top home inspection services in Milwaukee, what should you look for when choosing your inspector? Here are key traits that indicate quality and value:

  • Experienced – Look for an inspector with at least 5 years of experience inspecting homes in Milwaukee. They’ll best recognize regional issues.
  • Licensed – Confirm your inspector meets Wisconsin licensing requirements and carries liability insurance. This protects you in the rare case that something is missed.
  • Detailed – A thorough inspector will spend 2-3 hours on-site and provide a comprehensive written report with photos. Rushed inspections can overlook problems.
  • Communicative – Choose an inspector who takes time to explain their process, walk you through the home, and discuss findings. Avoid any who conduct hasty inspections with little interaction.
  • Responsive – The inspector should answer all questions and be available by phone after the inspection to consult on next steps.
  • Independent – Using an inspector recommended by your real estate agent introduces potential bias. Find an inspector on your own for an impartial assessment.
  • Reasonably Priced – Home inspection fees typically run $300 – $500 depending on the home’s size and location. Be wary of quotes well above or below that range.

Taking the time to research home inspectors and choosing wisely pays dividends through the home buying process and for years to come. A thorough inspection helps ensure your investment will be sound, functional, and free of unwelcome surprises down the road. Partner with a knowledgeable local home inspector who looks out for your best interests.

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