FC Porto vs Inter Milan Timeline


Football has a really long and interesting history. It’s filled with strong rivalries that fans all around the world find really exciting. One of these exciting rivalries is between FC Porto and Inter Milan. In this article, we’re going to travel back in time and look at the important moments, matches, and cool things that have happened when these two teams have played against each other.

  1. The Beginning (1930s – 1950s)
    Back in the old days, FC Porto and Inter Milan didn’t play against each other much because they were in different leagues and competitions. But in 1952-1953, they finally met in the European Cup, and this was a really important moment. It started a strong competition between them that lasted for many years.
  2. Winning in Europe (1960s – 1980s)
    During the 1960s, both of these teams became really famous in European football. FC Porto and Inter Milan were doing great in their own leagues – Porto won their first title, and Inter Milan were the best in Italy and even won two European Cups. When they played against each other in European competitions, a lot of people paid attention. Each time they played, the rivalry between them got even more intense.
  3. The Exciting 1965 European Cup Semifinal Back in 1965, FC Porto and Inter Milan had a really exciting match in the European Cup semifinal. This wasn’t just any match – it was really special because they played two games, and both teams showed off their amazing skills and determination. Inter Milan ended up moving on to the final, but these games were so intense that they left a strong impression on both clubs and their fans.
  4. Battles on the Big Stage (1990s – 2000s) During the 1990s and 2000s, FC Porto and Inter Milan had more really cool games because they were always getting into big European competitions. They played against each other in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup, which made their rivalry even more exciting. When they played, you could see how much they cared and how great they were at playing football.
  5. The Mourinho Effect In 2002, José Mourinho became the manager of FC Porto, and this made the rivalry even more interesting. Mourinho was really smart when it came to tactics, and he had a personality that people loved. Under his leadership, FC Porto did something amazing – they won the UEFA Champions League in the 2003-2004 season, and on the way, they beat Inter Milan in the Round of 16.
  6. More Recent Times (2010s – Now) In the more recent years, FC Porto and Inter Milan kept playing against each other in different competitions, and that made sure their rivalry stayed alive. Sometimes one team was stronger, and sometimes the other team was better – they both won important games against each other.
  7. Exciting Match in the 2020 UEFA Europa League One of the really recent exciting matches was in the 2019-2020 UEFA Europa League. FC Porto and Inter Milan met in the quarterfinals, and they played two super thrilling matches where both teams showed how talented they were. Inter Milan ended up winning, but this match reminded everyone that the rivalry between these two teams is still as strong as ever.


The rivalry between FC Porto and Inter Milan has been going on for many, many years. It’s filled with lots of really famous moments, exciting games, and great football players. People all around the world find this rivalry really interesting and exciting. It shows us how awesome and thrilling football can be in our lives.


Q. When did FC Porto and Inter Milan first play against each other?

A. FC Porto and Inter Milan played their first match against each other during the 1952-1953 European Cup.

Q. What was the most memorable encounter between the two clubs?

A. One of the most exciting matches between them was the 1965 European Cup semifinal. It’s still remembered as a really special moment for both clubs.

Q. Who was the manager when FC Porto won the UEFA Champions League in 2004?

A. The manager who led FC Porto to win the UEFA Champions League in 2004 was José Mourinho.

Q. Do FC Porto and Inter Milan still play against each other in recent times?

A. Yes, even in recent times, FC Porto and Inter Milan still play against each other in different competitions. This keeps their rivalry strong and exciting.

Q. Where can I find more information about upcoming FC Porto vs. Inter Milan matches?

A. If you want to know about the matches that will happen in the future, you can check out the official websites and social media pages of FC Porto and Inter Milan. They’ll have all the updates and details you need.

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