Facial Po: Understanding and Managing Them for Healthy Skin


It is verily known as Facial Po. Your thoughts on your selfcare are definitely going to be changed once you get to know this thorough skincare. It will leave your skin gleaming and admirable. It’s time for you to greet goodbyes to those annoying pocks and acnes; and say hello to that heavenly skin.

Get along with us and look how we dive into a heavenly skincare routine. You’re going to see how it will make you feel think about a spa-like experience and open your truly, celestial skin.

Explanation on what Facial Po is:

Have you ever had any idea about what Facial Po actually is? A korean term known as Facial Po, which actually means to execute the usage of facial masks to attain paradisical and a flourishing skin. To purify, pacify and rejuvenate our skin, facial masks are made out of various ingredients. Facial Po is also known to be describe when someone’s skin hangs loosely over their cheekbones. It usually happens at a certain age and also due to harmonal changes and genetics in the body or skin.

Types of facial masks and there usage:

There is a variety of options in the market place for the facial masks but the most popular and extremely used by the people are the ones made by clay, rice, or argilla etc.

Clay masks:

The masks which can widely help in removing any kind of bacteria, germ, dirt, or oil form the face are the ones made out of clay. Although people say that these are the oldest kind of facial masks.

Argilla masks:

Argilla masks are also known as the remover of the oils, and scraps from the skin. It glows and hydrates the skin very well.

Rice masks:

These are the facial masks that have been way demanding recently as they can be absorbed in the skin immidiately and won’t be harmful for the skin. They can be used as the base product before applying any other skincare creams or facial products.

Ways to use facial masks:

There is no certain way for the usage of facial masks although a few small steps are required when using masks as they can be helpful for you.

  • Make sure you read the instructions that are given behind the mask box or packet.
  • Apply enough force on the place where you’ve put your mask for the time being and to avoid any harm.
  • Don’t remove your mask immediately, let it dissolve with the skin to do it’s magic.
  • Never reuse the applied mask.
  • And last but not the least, don’t wear masks when you’re having any allergy or acne as it can effect on them badly.

How to treat the side effects of the Facial Po?

If you are going through any side effects from the Facial Po, without any delay consult with your dermatologist. These effects might be emblematic for you and your health so you shoud treat them as soon as possible. Below are a few steps given, to help people avoid any effects or harm from it.

  • One step at a time:

If you’re not used to Facial Po, do one thing at a time. Don’t go for everything at once. Your skin might get a little dry and irritant in the start. But there’s no need to be worried of it, as it will diminish by time.

  • Let the dryness and irritation diminish:

Mostly people don’t focus on the irritation or dryness, they keep applying products on it. That’s one of the reasons why they face worse problems with their skin in future. If you’re dealing with anything like that, let the dryness and irrtants diminish, then apply any other products on your skin.

  • Use Facial Po slenderly:

Make sure to not use a huge ammount of Facial Po. Increase it by time as needed, or else your skin can be effected and annoyed.

  • Usage of sunscreens or moisturizer:

While you’re using Facial Po, apply any sunscreen or moisturizer to avoid direct sun rays on the skin.

Are the rumours on Facial Po true?

Many people claim that after usage of Facial Po you look way aged and old than your actually age, also it makes your skin look worse then your original skin. But, the question that takes place here is that either it is true or not.

No. That’s not true. It makes your skin look heavenly and elegant. Your skin looks smoother and also even as the excess fats, wrinkles, and pores are gone after Facial Po. Although in the start your skin can be a little dry, but don’t worry that’s not something to be worried about it’s normal and will diminish.

Tips to lessen the aspects of Facial Po:

Use any moisturizer or cream that has an SPF of 30 as it will be helpful to lessen the sunburn or effects of Facial Po.

Get along with some good quality moisturizer’s, serums, and creams for a while. Heavy products or makeup can ruin your skin.

If makeup is compulsory for any event or function use a primer before applying the makeup products and avoid using heavy base or foundation. Primer’s work as a protection or shield between your skin and heavy makeup foundation,or products.

Wrapping up the article:

A few advantages associated with face po include increased collagen production, greater blood circulation, and reduced wrinkles and lines around the eyes. Face po, however, could also result in some unfavorable consequences, among which are bruising, redness, and irritation.

It’s essential that you speak with a dermatologist or another skincare specialist before starting an entirely novel skincare program.

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