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6 Deadly Blogging Mistakes That May Fritter Away Your Reader’s Time

Living in a world comprising cheap information is what most people have learned to live with. Unfortunately, availing of information at the click of your mouse takes you to scores of online sources when looking for ideas. If you are a blogger, information overload is one of the aspects that may cripple your success.

Just because information hunting is easy does not mean that you will go ahead with just anything you come across. Respect your readers’ time and allow them to give their deserving attention to your blogs. If you have been trying to create trust with your readers and not feeling confident right now, search for blog writing services to help you choose engaging topics.

Here are 6 blogging mistakes you must avoid to respect your readers’ time

  1. Self-indulgence is dangerous

There should be no beating about the bush and the harsh truth is that bloggers are often self-indulgent. As a blogger trying to market content, your primary job is to guide the readers and not talk about things you love. Coincidentally, many of your likings may match with the audience but presumptions can be dangerous. A simpler and more effective approach is offering something productive to the readers. Even when you write your life’s story, you need to make it more relevant to help them.

  1. Do not write for SEO alone and kill your creative approaches

When writing for the search engine, step into the readers’ shoes. If you are to write based on Google updates, there will be fewer human elements in your content. Sometimes, you need to think outside of the bounds of search optimization. If you need to hire blog writer then do. But tell them that you don’t need blogs churned out with mechanical keywords that kill your ideas.

  1. Not using relevant details about the target audience

Who are the people your blogs need to address? Are they kids, older adults, middle-aged customers, or elderly people? For instance, a reclining chair may address senior citizens as well as middle-aged people. So, when writing about mixed audiences, segment the pain points of males and females. Alternatively, you can differentiate the blog based on how people of both age groups spend their spare time.

Writing content on subject matters that sync with your target group enhances the chances of meeting your business objectives. Do not fool yourself into thinking that all your posts would be easily found. Unless you include relevant details and mention clearly the needs and interests of the target audience, it will be another deadly blogging mistake you better avoid.

  1. Meeting the word count with fluff material

When writing a blog, your eyes are on the word count that flashes at the bottom left-hand of the doc. Give yourself a couple of minutes and think how good it would be to read a long article that contains no good stuff. That is when you hire freelance content writers. If you are already looking for one, check with Content Freelancing. Remember that a writer’s approach should never be how to pen more points. An interesting post is worth your audience’s time and effort even if it is less than the recommended word limit. Hold on! Even if you have to make up the word limit, try to make your research deeper and more targeted.

  1. Not using simple English

Use bombastic words and jargon in your content and walk ahead to waste your readers’ time. Unfortunately, making the language complex will not do any good; instead, it will slow down the pace of reading due to several unnecessary words included. Getting a professional blog writer for hire may improve the writing to a great extent. They will help you understand how discarding unnecessary words helps your readers. Read professionally-written content to get a grasp of making blogs more easy-going.

  1. A bad conclusion is like experiencing a stomachache after eating

All this time you thought that only the body of the content needs to be appealing. But it’s wrong and a major mistake to cripple your writing effort. The conclusion should give a perfect ending to your writing skills. So, if you write a bad conclusion, you will ruin your chances to succeed as a blogger.

Remember that you need not just write another blog post for your reader or tips that they have read several times. The blog must reflect your thoughtfulness, ideas, and your efforts. The last thing you should do is take your readers’ attention for granted. So, create something more meaningful and let your audience find value in your blogs.

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