Customer Segmentation: The Secret to Targeted SMS Campaigns That Convert

Regardless of your objectives, SMS advertising may be an exceptionally successful tactic. However, you must employ SMS targeting if you want to get the most out of these ads. In other words, whether for marketing campaigns, SMS for customer support, or any other communication, you want to carefully pick who receives which texts rather than delivering every message to everyone on your list.

You may increase your chances of success by developing a mobile segmentation plan with the aid of the following instructions. 

An overview of customer segmentation

Customer segmentation is the process of grouping your consumers according to their shared attributes or characteristics. The concept behind segmentation is that it enables you to target each group for text messaging campaigns more successfully.

The following best practices should be kept in mind when you segment and define your target audience. Each of them contains an example for your convenience. Combined with our other SMS gateway templates, use these samples. 

Convert loyal clients into brand evangelists

Keep in mind that one of the simplest ways to attract new consumers is by word of mouth. Examine your clientele to find people that make regular, expensive, or both types of purchases. Consider these as engaged people who could promote your brand via mobile devices. 

Then, send these clients an SMS campaign that gives them a sense of value. Offering a referral program with incentives for both new and current consumers is a typical tactic for this market niche. 

Reactivate inactive users

A former active client who is no longer one is known as a dormant user. This group will probably be defined by you as clients who haven’t interacted with you in a predetermined period of time. Your company strategy will determine how long that time frame is.

Customers should be reminded of what they are missing when marketing to this group. Inform them of any recent changes to your product range, or give them a discount if they decide to return something.

Converted users upsell

Use SMS marketing and segmentation to upsell users who have previously converted. Keep in mind that acquiring recurring consumers is less expensive than doing so for new ones. Create a section of clients who have purchased in the past but who either don’t do it regularly or don’t spend much at once to make the most of this.

Programs that reward and encourage loyalty are quite effective in attracting this market. This might also be a great chance for conventional cross-selling, depending on your offerings. Therefore, attempt to upsell them on a pair of headphones when someone buys a new phone. Try to offer someone a water-resistant coating they can use if they purchase new boots.

Make new users active

You should have a category of new users or potential clients. This group comprises users who have downloaded your mobile app or registered for an account on your website but haven’t yet utilized it. 

This audience is still not interested enough to utilize your website or app on their own. So, to persuade them to do so, you employ SMS marketing. Share SMS describing important features or messaging promotions to persuade them. You may also accomplish this with a push notification if you use a mobile app.

Within minutes, send your first marketing messages

You need a system that enables you to deliver marketing messages in order to put all of the previous audience segmentation and targeting suggestions into practice. Podium offers a 14-day free trial that enables you to accomplish just that. In only a few minutes, you may begin! 

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The proper receiver receives the right message

There is one but: the worst error you can make when using SMS marketing is to assume that a contact database’s worth of information can be included in the same 160 characters (including the URL of any landing sites).

We are aware of how annoying and intolerable generic and pointless bulk SMS messages may be. More so than with emails, text message efficacy depends on striking a precise balance between content limitations and the relevancy of the messages for the recipient. 

A marketing may use all of its incisiveness when an SMS successfully reaches its target. A campaign is constantly hampered by a generic strategy. However, the communicative capacity of a communication increases with its degree of concentration.

Potential customers

Past customers and potential customers

Identifying groups of subscribers who have—or have not—made recent purchases is another efficient message segmentation method. Both are potential opportunities for marketing and customization. You can develop successful upsell and cross-sell campaigns for the prior customer group depending on the product they most recently bought. 

A huge possibility to increase revenue exists with the non-purchaser category. What is the best way to approach them? Try out various content and message kinds to find which ones are most effective. Depending on your company, the strategy may involve limited-time deals, alluring product images, or glowing testimonials on top-selling items.

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