Innovative Ways To Use Custom Decals For Businesses

For those who want to start their business on a low budget or want something creative to boost their branding, then custom decals are perfect for your brands. They give you maximum benefits in minimum investments. Decals are now in high demand due to the amazing benefits that many other brands get from them. Decals are colorful, long-lasting, and attention seeker that help your brand to get new customers and promote your brand.

Decals are the best source of advertisement for your brands as they are used on vehicles, for decorating purposes, and for advertising so that you can easily showcase your brand’s products. Decals are personalized therefore, you can design them easily with your brand’s logo and designs. This blog will be beneficial for you because we’ll discuss custom window decals in detail.

How Decals Are Different From Stickers?

People are mostly confused between stickers and decals. Some thought that they were the same but no it’s not completely true. All decals are stickers but not all stickers are decals. Basically, decals are decorative stickers that are mostly used outdoors. Custom printed decals are used to transfer from one surface to another having three layers of mounting film on the front, transport paper on the back, and then the decals itself. Decals are used to decorate cars that will go through the eco-solvent printing process.

Materials That are Used In The Manufacturing Of Decals

Custom Decals are the best tool for advertising purposes, which are available in different types made of various vinyl materials. Below are some types of vinyl that are used to create these stickers:

  • Fluorescent vinyl
  • Iridescent vinyl
  • Carbon fiber vinyl
  • Metallic vinyl
  • Calendared vinyl
  • Cast vinyl
  • Reflective vinyl

5 Innovative Ways To Promote Your Business With Decals

Custom decal stickers are widely available in different shapes, sizes, and colors that help you to add something colorful and attractive to your brand products. There are many ways by using decals you can easily enhance your sale rates and build a good brand image in the brand market.

  • Promote Your Brand By Gifting 

Whether you’re doing online business, or selling your products in the store, you can easily promote your brands by gifting your products to clients as a gift of loyalty with your branded custom made decals on them and it helps you in creating awareness for your brands. Moreover, inspiring messages in the form of your brand decals help customers in building good relationships with your company.

  • Incorporating Decals On Packaging 

If you’re doing an e-commerce business that ships a lot of packages. Then, you can ship your products by incorporating your brand’s custom stickers inside and outside of the box which helps you to create brand awareness. The QR code sticker on your boxes helps to provide details about your company to your clients and helps to identify your brand products in the crowded market. 

  • Add Decals To Your Storefront Windows 

Another best way to promote your brands is by placing your brand decals on your storefront windows that help customers to approach your store easily. However, if you want to increase more crowd in your stores then along with your brand decals add some catchy slogans that attract customers quickly.

  • Let Your Vehicle Promote Your Brand 

The easiest way of promoting your brands is by using your vehicle.  Custom printed stickers are designed to decorate your cars so that you can use the same strategy by making your car as a promotional tool. By simply incorporating your branded decals on a car window or on a bumper that is handed at any event or used for shipping packages, you can easily advertise your brands without investing lots of money.

  • Adding Decals To Various Items In Stores

There are many stores that are highly crowded and people buy different things for their needs. Many products we see on the shelf represent some brands by their premium wholesale sticker printing on them. You can also showcase your brand products with your branded decals on them that represent your brands like by incorporating your decals on water bottles, boxes, or other branded items that represent your brand in the store.


Custom decals are excellent tools for promoting your brands. They are used by many brands to increase their sales rate. Decals are customizable which means you can select any shape, size, and color for your stickers that perfectly go with your brand theme. Many ways are discussed in this blog that will definitely help you to develop your brand image.

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