Create viral posts on Instagram

To be reshared, you can also play on trends And offer viral Instagram content!

What is this? This is easily shareable content on specific news or fashion.

To create this type of content, you must ask yourself what qualities are required for content to be shared.

Whether it’s an innovative idea or a trending subject, your content must be attractive, exciting, and, above all, make you want to share it!

Perfectly master your persona to reach your core target

To be reshared, you must know your persona perfectly.

Who are your clients?

Why do they consume at your place?

What do they prefer about your establishment?

What are your bestsellers and why?

What do they like to finish on social networks?

If you know your persona, you know exactly what will push them to reshare an Instagram post.

Orient your content according to your persona’s interests; you will then see your reshares increase!

Make your community want to share with you again.

To have more subscribers, your visibility is essential. It is then vital to have a significant number of reshares.

Offer games allowing internet sponsorship

To be shared again, you can set up matches.

We know that everyone loves games, whether young or old! Set up games that encourage sponsorship.

For example, conditions of participation such as the sponsorship of two friends to increase your chances of winning and sharing in stories!

Visibility guaranteed!

Work on your description and hashtags under your publications

To have more subscribers, it is also essential to work on your descriptions and the hashtags that you put under your Instagram publications.

How do you properly work on your post descriptions on Instagram?

Making a beautiful Instagram post is good. You are going to have Instagram posts with a lot of interactions. But what about comments? Real commitment from your subscribers?

A well-crafted description will allow you to engage your subscribers more and have more interactions, visibility, and, therefore, more subscribers.

The first words of your description must be impactful. And yes, they will be decisive for readers who will quickly have to decide whether or not they want to read your report.

Also, use emojis! These will naturally attract the attention of readers and allow some to have a better overview of the content of the description.

Finally, end with a call to action! Ask for feedback in the comments or ask a question at the end of your description to encourage readers to comment.

How to choose the right hashtags for your Instagram posts?

Hashtags or “#” on Instagram are critical!

Indeed, this is the only way to find a publication. It is, therefore, essential to choose hashtags carefully.

The more findable your Instagram post is, the more likely you will get new followers.

Even if you are allowed 30 hashtags per Instagram post, it is better to prioritize quality over quantity.

Choose hashtags that directly relate to your Instagram post and your business.

The people who come across your Instagram posts, thanks to their hashtags, have been looking for a post like yours! They will, therefore, naturally subscribe to your Instagram account.

Work on your professional Instagram page

To have more Instagram subscribers, working well on your professional page is essential!

How to create a good news feed?

To create a good news feed, you must follow your editorial line (and yes, again)!

Your news feed must be “branded”: people must immediately see your brand through your news feed!

Your Instagram posts must also be clear; at a glance, your subscribers can find the position they seek.

How to write an Instagram bio that makes you want to click?

Instagram bio is much more important than you think. It is imperative to work on it to give visitors to your Instagram profile the click to subscribe!

Your bio must reflect your business, and above all, it must contain essential information about your business. What you do, your slogan, where you are located, your website: these are crucial things to put in your Instagram bio.

The more complete your bio, the more reasons you give visitors to your Instagram profile to subscribe!

Which link should you highlight on your Instagram business page?

It is only possible to put one link in the Instagram bio. You must, therefore, choose this link carefully.

If you have a website or an e-shop site, the question does not arise!

But if you have several links, you can group them in a Linktree. This way, subscribers can access all your links (website, social networks) in the same place!

How do you create suitable icons for Instagram cover stories?

If you know Instagram Stories, you probably know Featured Stories.

The principle is pinned stories to make critical information accessible.

It is also essential to create icons for these featured stories. They must be representative of the level and easy to decipher.

You can create these icons on Canva or other software; templates are available there!

What products should you highlight on your Instagram page?

Your Instagram page can serve as your showcase! Highlight your bestsellers to generate traffic to your website and your Instagram account!

With the “Instagram Shop” functionality, you can create a catalog of your best products on your Instagram page and the Marketplace!

Never buy fake Instagram followers

Although it may seem like a good idea, it is advisable never to buy fake followers if you want to see your follower count increase.

Why is this a bad idea?

Buying followers on Instagram is what we call a bad idea.

Even though your subscriber count will increase, it has little value. The subscribers who will be added are robots who will not interact with you.

It will be seen that your subscribers are purchased, and you have a chance of being reported because your account seems dubious.

In addition, you will naturally lower your reach, leading to very low visibility of your Instagram publications.

What are the sanctions?

Buying Instagram subscribers, therefore, has no actual use and is strongly sanctioned.

Instagram monitors user activity and removes inactive accounts, including bots. The subscribers you purchased will, therefore, be deleted.

Additionally, if Instagram finds out you have purchased fake followers, your account will be shadow banned. This means the Instagram algorithm will no longer put you forward, and you will lose visibility.

Buying Instagram subscribers, therefore, means ending up with fewer subscribers.

#8 Pay for sponsored posts to increase your number of Instagram followers

To have new Instagram subscribers, you can pay for your publications to be sponsored and featured.

Costs are often too high.

To increase your number of Instagram subscribers through advertising, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend!

Indeed, for these sponsored Instagram publications to positively impact your number of subscribers, you must spend at least €5 for at least six days.

The Instagram algorithm uses the first six days to detect your target. This means your Instagram campaign will have a tangible impact on your number of subscribers after these six days!

And that’s just for one Instagram post! Do the math…

Outdated follower campaigns

You should also know that these sponsored Instagram publications are no longer up to date!

Overuse of the functionality: Instagram users feel polluted by these sometimes poorly targeted sponsored publications.

The action button needs to be highlighted more or clearly enough: these publications are often only liked, and few people go to the Instagram account or website.

Is Instagram advertising to increase your notoriety a bad idea?

In short, Instagram advertising has shown its effectiveness in the past but is not as effective today. You will certainly increase the number of your likes on these publications, but the impact on your number of Instagram subscribers is not guaranteed…


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