Best Names for Boys And Girls that Start With S

Nothing confuses a parent more than coming up with a unique name for their baby, isn’t it?

It’s not easy to decide on a name for a baby who is going to build its identity based on the name you’ve decided for it. Hence, coming up with a meaningful name is a crucial task for every parent. 

Read this article to find out the best names that start with s along with their meanings.

Girl Names That Start With S 

  1. Sabrina: Latin name for the River Stern 
  2. Sakura: Japanese term for “cherry tree”
  3. Salma: Arabic term for “Safe” 
  4. Salome: Hebrew term for “Peace” 
  5. Samantha: Hebrew term that means “told by God” 
  6. Sarah: Hebrew term for “Princess”
  7. Selah: Hebrew term for “Praise” and “Pause” 
  8. Serena: Latin term for “tranquil” or “serene” 
  9. Sienna: Italian term for “deep shade of orange colour” 
  10. Simona: French-from-Hebrew term for “hearkening” 
  11. Soleil: French term for the “sun”
  12. Starla: Star
  13. Sula: Taken from Toni Morrison’s novel of the same name that means “little female bear”
  14. Sylvie: French version of Sylvia, meaning “from the forest”
  15. Sheyenne: American name that means “Speakers of different tongues” 

Boy Names That Start With S

  1. Sabir: Arabic term for “patient”
  2. Samson: descendant of Sam
  3. Sandeep: Indian name which means “light” or “shine”
  4. Sanford: English name which means “sandy ford”
  5. Santiago: Spanish name which means “Saint James” 
  6. Savva: Arabic/Russian term which means “captive”
  7. Severin: French term for “stern” or “serious”
  8. Silas: English name with Latin roots that means “woods” or “forest”
  9. Soren: Norwegian term which means “Stern”
  10. Stefan: Variation for Stephen which means “Crown” or “Garland”
  11. Stellan: Swedish name with German roots which means “Calm”
  12. Sterling: English name with Scottish roots that means “tree stump settlement” 
  13. Stuart: An alternate for popular “Stewart” 
  14. Solomon: Hebrew origin term for “Peace”
  15. Sebastian: Latin/Greek term which means “someone from Sebastia” 

Gender Neutral Names for Babies 

  1. Sacha: French name with Greek origins meaning “defending men”
  2. Sawyer: English occupational name which means “woodworker” 
  3. Saylor: German term for “ropemaker” and an English term for “Sailor”
  4. Seth: Hebrew rooted term for “place” or “appointed” 
  5. Shannon: Irish name that means “old and wise” 
  6. Shelby: English term for “estate on the ledge” 
  7. Shia: Hebrew term for “gift from God”
  8. Shiloh: Hebrew term for “tranquil place”
  9. Sloane: Term with Irish origins which means “Raider” 
  10. Skyler: a variation of the term “scholar” 
  11. Sullivan: Irish term for “dark eyes”
  12. Spencer: French name that means “protector of the provisions”
  13. Sutton: It means “southern homestead”
  14. Sydney: A French name for a saint 
  15. Scout: Picked up in Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird 


The most fun and confusing part of becoming a parent is choosing a name for your baby as you become responsible for creating an initial identity for the baby. 

Therefore, it gets quite confusing, isn’t it?

Hence, we’ve prepared a list of the best and the most unique s names for you. 

Let us know which s names you fell in love with. We hope you found this article helpful.

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